Meet the Author

While homeschooling her children she was inspired to write the adventures of Oinkers and Bananas after turns of round robin improvisation with her children as bed time tales.
She hopes that the adventures of Oinkers & Bananas will help parents encourage and show their children how special they are and to help explain the life lessons that their children may encounter.

About Chandra

Chandra Lockett has understood the importance of a name since she was 5 and old enough to tell everyone what her name meant. Chandra is a wife and mother of 3 wonderfully made children that have great meaning behind their names as well. She became inspired to write books from talking about the adventures of Oinkers and Bananas to her children as bedtime tales to help illustrate how God has perfectly created them.  

She hopes that the stories of Oinkers and Bananas helps parents to encourage and illustrate how special their children are no matter their name or what they look like.