Meet Oinkers

Oinkers is thoughtful, generous, and always thinking about others. Loving but a bit timid.

Meet Bananas

Bananas is energetic. His energy and enthusiasm influences others to participate. He's humorous, clever, but a bit mischievous.

Meet Chandra Lockett

a devoted mother of three and the creative mind behind the heartwarming children's book series Oinkers and Bananas. Inspired by the joy of bedtime storytelling with her own kids, Chandra embarked on a journey to enhance their bedtime experiences and created the Oinkers and Bananas book series.

Her delightful series is not just about charming adventures but carries a profound message. Chandra's stories aim to inspire and illustrate the uniqueness of each reader, emphasizing that differences are what make us special. Through whimsical tales, she weaves in valuable life lessons that resonate with children and parents alike.

Chandra believes in the magic of storytelling to instill confidence and kindness in young hearts. Her ultimate wish is for every reader to feel wonderfully made by GOD, embracing their individuality with pride and understanding the profound love that surrounds them.

Chandra Lockett has understood the importance of a name since she was 5 and old enough to tell everyone what her name meant. Chandra is a wife and mother of 3 wonderfully made children that have great meaning behind their names as well. 

While homeschooling her children she was inspired to write the adventures of Oinkers and Bananas after turns of round robin improvisation with her children as bedtime tales.

She hopes that the stories of Oinkers and Bananas helps parents to encourage and illustrate how special their children are no matter their name or what they look like and to help explain the life lessons that their children may encounter. While on their journey inside the world of Oinkers and Bananas Chandra's desire is that the children find the book series helps illustrate how God has perfectly created them.